About Jack Elway

Jack Elway is currently a retired photographer who used to be active in the business world. Since trading in his briefcase for a camera, he has focused on capturing pictures of national parks and scenery. He is currently in Denver taking pictures of the breathtaking scenery there.


One of the greatest benefits of retirement is getting the opportunity to live life on your own terms. Keeping busy in retirement means different things to different people; to Elway, it means taking time to embrace the beauty of nature and capture it for all the world to see. He understands that staying active is critical to any retired person’s sanity and wellbeing, which is why there is seemingly no limit to his imagination when it comes to his creative endeavors in photography. He is experiencing firsthand how happiness really can be the happiest stage of a person’s life, as he can simply live in the moment doing what he loves both for himself and for others.

Another exciting part of being retired for Elway is the opportunity he has to visit his grandchildren all over the country due to his passion to travel the United States to take pictures. Elway understands that children experience a unique sense of acceptance in the relationships they have with their grandparents, and this benefits them both mentally and emotionally. Seeing his grandchildren also adds immeasurable value to Elway’s life, serving as the living manifestation of all he is and all that he has accomplished, in addition to representing the best of what he instilled in his children.


Nature is a specific area of passion for Elway because doing nature photography can be very therapeutic on a personal level. In addition, he has a wide audience because every person enjoys nature in one form or another. Some people connect with dramatic landscapes, whereas others may connect more with eye-catching wildlife scenes. Either way, nature is the bridge that brings many appreciators of art together. Elway’s home of Colorado is particularly known for its beautiful scenery, complete with 300 days of sunshine each year and with the majestic Rocky Mountains that no doubt inspired one of the official state songs of Colorado, “Rocky Mountain High.” Thus, it comes as no surprise that he has chosen to call Denver his home.

National Parks

The more than 400 national parks throughout the United States are perfect places for taking photographs not only because of their attractive topography and awe-inspiring wildlife. When Elway captures pictures at these parks, he is revealing the power of the United States’ most iconic landscapes as well as its historical and cultural sites, along with their huge role in the nation’s national heritage. With the National Park Service celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016, the parks’ value is undisputed; in fact, a study has valued the parks at $92 billion. These parks are timeless, created to inspire people today as well as to add to people’s live for future generations, and capturing photos of them allows Elway to make them even more timeless for the masses.